Sunday, November 29, 2009


So what's new with the Chocolate Box Painting? A lot! As my husband walked in the door tonight the first thing he noticed was how the candy with the bite in it looks like it is popping out from the surface. Whew! That's a good sign! Here's a close up of it and you can see the close ups of the different textures!

Just as with the baseball player and all of my paintings I'm using the blow up photo for scale, the smaller photograph for reference and the actual object for greater accuracy.

And of course! The Guinea Pig Pattie is with me! LOL! However the only advice she has for me: "get me a carrot"! LOL!

As soon as I can get all of these pieces 'lifted up' in a three dimensional look then I'll add in the black background and the contrast will make these pieces just pop-OUT!!! :)!

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