Saturday, April 16, 2011


Between projects, I take a short break and build. I love to build dollhouses. This is a shop. It will be a bakery.

See those tired eyes? Yep, I'm a real artist. Lots of work and little sleep: that's the artist's motto.

Special Delivery

Now that the painting is done, I delivered it to Mr. Shroyer and the Easely Library. Mr. Shroyer said,"Where's the hole, Dana?" It meant a lot to me that he approved my work.
I showed him were the patch had been placed.

I showed where the hole had been.

We carried the painting upstairs, so that it could be stored safely. Soon, it will be hung in a place were it can be seen and not touched.


I put one last coat of varnish over the whole thing to even out the colors on the painting surface.

Done. Yayyyyyyyy!

More Work

I really want this painting to be smooth. I went over the rip with a nail file again.

Sand Away Your Troubles

Jan showed me how to sand down areas of the rip that were sticking up.

Here I am sanding the painting smooth. This is a nail file. It has very fine sand paper.

Now it's time for more color matching

and painting.

Jan makes cookies on her student's birthdays.

Some day I am going to grow up to be just like Jan.