Friday, January 22, 2010

Gingerbread House Competition

Jerry, Cousin Erin, Friend Amanda, and I went to the Gingerbread House Competition that they held at George Washington's Birth Place, Ferry Farm. This is something that we love to do every year.

The theme this year was historic houses.

People have amazing imaginations!

Christmas Windows

At Christmas time, Jerry and I love to visit Old Down Town Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is near our home. Here we peek in the windows of historic shops. The charm really shines out at night when the tree lined streets are lit up with Christmas lights. These are the streets that Washington and his family members walked. In fact, Georg Washington was born on the other side of the river, at Ferry Farm. His mother and sister lived in Fredericksburg. President James Monroe had his law practice here. Also, President Lincoln visited here to give a speech to soldiers after they had battled on the streets of Fredericksburg during the Civil War. At that time, Clara Barton had been nursing troupes in this city.
We love to look into the decorated store windows of Fredericksburg.

I love the mouse scenes put on every year in this set of windows.

Hair Cut

Jerry and I have been growing our hair so that we can donate it to Locks of Love. Soon I will post pictures of our hair after it has been cut.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New pots

Here are some of my new pots. You can see how small they are when you look at them next to a regular object - like a pencil. So small!! So Cute.

Here is a picture of me working on one of the pots. You can see my reflection in the mirror that I use to help me see the side of my pot as I work.