Friday, November 13, 2009

Jerry's Show


Jerry's show, Iraq War: An Artist's Journey, opened on Wednesday.

Here he is at the show. He is talking to WVVA Channel 6. You can see some of our friends in the background.

The show was a great success!!!! 80 to 100 of our good friends and fellow artists came by.

Friends from school and Art Club.

Kerry Hatton

Gary Bowling and his wife, Debbie, with Jody Queen.

Our art teacher, Walter Shroyer, talking with Patch Whisky.

Town Councilman and Mentor, Pete Sternloff.

Jody Queen and his wife, Vicky, sponsored the show and brought delicious food!

This is one of the paintings that started it all. It was inspired by our last, "Goodbye," before Jerry left for Iraq.

It was an inspiring night!

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