Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making pottery

Lately, I have been enjoying making very small pots. Here I am making a small pot at the wheel.
You can see that I throw off the hump, that is, I put a big lump of clay on the wheel and then make the pot from a small piece of it.
After making the pot, the pot is allowed to dry. Then, extra clay is cleaned away. I am wearing earphones, here, because I recorder myself reading my class notes and then listen to them as I work.

Here, I am carving on a bigger pot. This is something else that I like to do. By the way, this pot is made from the blue clay that I make.

Pots ready for the kiln.

Here, my pots have been placed in the kiln along with pots from other students.

Now that the pots have been fired and taken out of the kiln, you can see that some of them are made from blue clay.

Jerry pretends to drink from a dish.

The post are washed and allowed to dry.

Now, I can paint the pot bottom with clear wax and paint the rest of the pot with glaze.

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