Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making Blue Clay

One of the unique things that I make is blue clay. Here, I am weighing dry clay. The amounts must me precise. I will put blue coloring and water with the clay in a bucket and let it sit for a while.
Now, I can mix up the ingredients.
I love power tools!!!! Try using this mixer in your kitchen. You could make a lot of pancakes!
The clay must be put through a fine screen to get out large peaces of grit and to break down clumps.

I press it through the sifter.
You're allowed to get dirty when your an artist.

The clay is poured onto a cloth that has been stretched over a frame. It will dry for one or two weeks.
It must be mixed every day, so that it will dry evenly. I will put it in a plastic bag when it is firm enough to be made into pots.

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