Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beginning the Painting Process...

This past week has been one busy week for us, but we managed! :) So here's an update on the latest of my "Chocolates" piece!

Just as with the baseball player, I used an acrylic burnt sienna underpainting to help with developing the values of each piece. This is a great way to start your painting!

Also, similar to my baseball player painting, I used both enlarged photos and small photos that I had taken as reference. One of the pictures is used to help with color accuracy (the smaller one) and the other is for proper proportions (the larger one).

In the wide angle shot above, you can also see that my little guinea pig helper was back again to give me company and advice! LOL :)

Also, you'll notice that the original chocolates and box that I made are on the table with me for reference. It is handy to look at a real object!

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