Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Unveling

Now that the rip had been repaired, it was time for the Easley Painting unveiling.
Mr. Olive, President of Bluefield College, and I lifted the veil from the painting.

The Easley family members applauded: the rip is totally gone!

Tyler Easley looked at the painting thoughtfully. Earlyer, he had shared memories of his uncle.

I talked about where the rip had been, and about how it had been repaired.

I showed the patch on the back.
When our dinner was complete, some people posed for pictures.

Mr. Tyler Easley made the painting come alive for me because he looked so much like the image on the canvas. It was fascinating talking to people who had known the painting's subject, or "Uncle Milt," as they called him.
Mr. Easley has done so much for Bluefield College by helping build the Easley Library, and the Easley family in general has done so much as well, I was glad that I could do something for them. Thank you.

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