Friday, September 4, 2009

Starting out!

My next painting will be a box of chocolates.
This will go allong with my series of paintings that features enjoyable foods.
I have always loved the delight that food has brought - not only to myself, but also to others. Everyone knows the tingling feeling you get when you bite into a strawberry
or the sensation of a wet juicy orange
and we all know just how much of a smile a banana split will bring you!
Well, to continue on with that line of thought, let's meet our newest member!

To prepare the still life for my next painting, I taught myself the art of chocolate making.

Here are peanut butter shapes for the inside of my candies - I also made pepermint flavored ones. After I made these shapes, I dipped them in chocolate.

As with everything else I do, I like to control the elements as much as possible - along with the detail. It would be so easy to just buy a box of chocolates, but then I wouldn't be able to call it my own creation. When I make the candy myself, I can say that I created every bit of my art piece! :)

Slow and steady wins the race! Here I am drizzling frosting patterns on my delectables! >:)


Below is the piece that I will be painting! Oh BTW I even made the box from cardboard, silk clothe, ribbon and real roses from Wal-Mart!!!

I'll keep you guys posted! See ya' next Friday! With love, Dana :)

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